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Oceanside Laser Eye Therapy

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Laser Eye Therapy in Oceanside

Oceanside Laser Eye Therapy
Oceanside Laser Eye Therapy

Over the years, treatment of retinal disease has seen exciting advancements, leading not only to great benefits in terms of results, but less invasive methods that feature quicker healing and an impressive reduction in trauma to the eyes. Here at Retina Consultants of Long Island, we are committed to staying at the cutting edge when it comes to providing you, our valued patient, with state-of-the-art solutions for problems such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and ocular histoplasmosis. One of the most outstanding methods that we’re proud to offer is our Oceanside laser eye therapy.

The goal of any type of eye surgery is to resolve the issue at hand without causing any complications or damaging the retina or other surrounding parts of your eye. And while standard surgery has become much safer, it still carries certain risks that can be greatly minimized or even eliminated completed with our Oceanside laser eye therapy. How does it work? First of all, you can feel confident because our eye specialist is highly skilled and experienced at doing this type of procedure. Lasers use light energy to make corrections instead of sharp instruments. The light is focused in a focused way directly on your retina. This allows for treatment of your condition to take place, while the surrounding tissue is left unaffected. Your retina absorbs the light energy from the laser, and retinal tissue is repaired, with lesions being eradicated and tissue joined together to bring about the desired results. Best of all, our Oceanside laser eye therapy is typically painless. It’s certainly not difficult to determine the benefits of having it done.

The preservation of both your vision as well as the physical part of the retina itself is vital for your eye health. It makes sense to take advantage of the latest in optical technology to achieve those goals. Call our office and let us schedule you for an examination and consultation.

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