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Ophthalmologist in Oceanside NY

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Correcting Glaucoma Surgery Complications in Oceanside NY

Ophthalmologist in Oceanside NY
Ophthalmologist in Oceanside NY
If you need to find an ophthalmologist who specializes in treating complications that can arise from glaucoma surgery, you will want to be seen by our top-notch ophthalmologist, Dr. Edward M. Stroh. Our ophthalmologist in Oceanside NY, at our Retina Consultants of Long Island practice, can treat glaucoma surgery complications, which may occur.

If you have had glaucoma surgery, you may develop certain complications after glaucoma surgery. Our ophthalmologist in Oceanside NY is highly experienced in treating patients with these types of eye problems. There are risks with any type of surgery, but it is important that your glaucoma surgery is provided by an eye doctor who is highly specialized in the field. However, eye complications from glaucoma surgery can occur even under the very best treatment conditions. Some patients may experience short-term vision loss after glaucoma surgery, however, this is not a common side effect. Bleeding inside the eye can occur as a result of glaucoma surgery. This can be a very serious complication and needs immediate attention. You will also want to be sure to talk to your surgeon if you are on blood thinners. After glaucoma surgery, some patients may develop infections inside the eye, even with the most carefully-performed surgery. If you experience any redness, pain, or excessive tearing, after glaucoma surgery you should come in to see our eye doctor immediately so that the eye infection can be treated; most eye infections can be easily treated with prescription antibiotic eye drops. Some patients develop low eye pressure after glaucoma surgery. This can cause fluid to collect behind the retina which will cause a shadow in your peripheral vision. Usually this is temporary, but if it persists, it will need to be corrected with additional eye surgery. Sometimes scarring will occur in the eye which will make it necessary for repeated eye surgery, or for using glaucoma medications once again.

If you are experiencing glaucoma surgery complications, contact us for an appointment to meet with our ophthalmologist in Oceanside NY.

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