Retina tear Rockville Centre

Retina Tear Rockville Centre

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Diagnosing And Treating Retina Tears In Rockville Centre

Retina Tear Rockville Centre
Retina Tear Rockville Centre

Retina tears represent an urgent matter that requires the specialized care of an expert. That’s what we are here at Retina Consultants of Long Island. A torn retina poses a threat to your eye health and your vision. Be sure to consult with us right away for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Your retina tear Rockville Centre is a condition in which the retina has not become fully detached, though that is a danger if you don’t get attention for it promptly. Surgery is required in order to make the necessary repair. You are in the best possible hands, since this is the type of procedure that we perform all the time, and our eye surgeon has the experience to set your mind at ease regarding the outcome. Some of the symptoms that you should be aware of are floaters, which are spots that appear within your field of vision; blurry vision; a shadow that develops over your field of vision; reduction in peripheral (side-to-side) vision; and flashes of light in one or both eyes. Those signs are typical of both a tear and a detachment. Our office uses state-of-the-art equipment in order to diagnose your retina tear Rockville Centre. In order to restore your retina to its normal state of wellness, we are pleased to offer ophthalmic lasers, which give you all the benefits of standard surgery with a less invasive method, quicker healing, and reduced chances for complications. It’s done right here in our office on an outpatient basis. You won’t need an overnight hospital stay.

We certainly understand that any surgery, even one done with lasers, is a serious matter, but we can assure you that your retina tear Rockville Centre will be handled with the utmost of gentle care and the state-of-the-art in surgical methods and equipment. Contact us to arrange an appointment for a consultation.

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