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Retina Tear Rockville Centre

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Treating retinal tears in Rockville Centre

Retina tear Rockville Centre
Retina tear Rockville Centre

The retina is the light sensitive area at the back of the eye where light coming through the eye is converted into images. The retina is attached to the back wall of the eye like a sheet or screen and sometimes the retina can develop a tear or become detached from the back of the eye, which will cause a loss of vision. According to our ophthalmologist at Retina Consultants of Long Island, a retina tear Rockville Centre often starts with a tear or hole on the retina that allows tissue or fluid in between the retina and the eye’s wall. When tissue builds up behind the retina it can pull away and eventually detach from the wall.

There are several symptoms to look out for that are associated with a retina tear Rockville Centre or detached retina. The most common symptom is floaters, or dark spots and string-like shapes floating around your field of vision. These are caused by vitreous gel that has aged or loose blood or pigment. Floaters don’t necessarily mean that there is a retinal detachment but they are an indication that you should consult our ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Other symptoms include flashes of light when the patient’s head or eyes are moved, a shadow or curtain across part of the eyes or a sudden loss of vision. Often the peripheral vision is affected first by a retinal detachment, so it might be hard to detect a problem during the earliest phases but a detachment can progress quickly making swift medical attention a necessity. Our doctor can detect a retinal tear or detachment through a comprehensive dilated eye examination that looks for leaks, cloudiness or any other signs of a detachment. An ultrasound maybe used to help find tears and detachments if the eye is too cloudy.

Our ophthalmologist will determine if the retina tear Rockville Centre is sufficient to warrant treatment or if it just needs monitoring. Retinal tears and detachments can be treated in a variety of ways including laser photocoagulation, where a laser is used around the tear to create a seal to keep the fluid from getting inside and cyropexy, which freezes the area around the tear using cyrotherapy to seal it. Cyropexy is often used for tears in the front of the retina. If you are having any of the symptoms of retinal detachment please call our office as soon as possible.

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