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Retinal Tear Rockville Centre

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Diagnosing and treating retinal tears in Rockville Centre

Retinal tear Rockville Centre
Retinal tear Rockville Centre
Taking care of your eyes is important, which is why regular eye exams should never go overlooked. In addition to keeping up with frequent eye exams and vision screenings, it helps to pay attention to the way your eyes operate on a daily basis. Sometimes, when sudden changes occur it can be due to an underlying condition or an issue that may potentially cause vision damage or even complete vision loss. This can sometimes be the case with issues like retinal tears. Here at Retina Consultants of Long Island, we can help provide diagnoses as well as treatment for a retinal tear in Rockville Centre.

If you believe you have a retinal tear, or any other kind of optical injury, it is absolutely essential that you receive urgent care. If the issue is caught early, it can be treated and vision can be restored. The longer you wait to see a specialist, the more time the condition has to worsen and the more likely your chances of suffering from permanent damage increase. If you have a retinal tear in Rockville Centre, all you have to do is visit us here at Retina Consultants of Long Island. Our specialist can take a look at your eyes and see what the problem is. Some symptoms pertaining to retinal tears include the sudden onset of black spots or “floaters” in the affected eye, and flashes of light (also known as photopsia). If there is any associated bleeding in the clear cavity of the eye (vitreous hemorrhage) or retinal detachment, other symptoms can include blurred vision or a shadow as if curtains are closing in from the peripheral vision. In some cases, a retinal tear may not manifest any noticeable symptoms.

If you need care for a retinal tear in Rockville Centre, please visit us here at Retina Consultants of Long Island immediately so you stand a better chance of treating the problem and preserving your vision.

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